Portuguese Translator

Written Portuguese Translations, Tape Transcriptions, Localizations

Translation is the conversion of text from one language into another. Skilled Portuguese translator Zilda Buzack works with clients, governments and organizations to translate documents and text from English to Portuguese and vice versa.

The business of Portuguese translation, however, is not necessarily limited to written materials. Experience Portuguese translator Zilda Buzack can also localize your website and provide consulting services with respect to the preparation of your international marketing plans. Zilda can even have a role in ensuring your business plan will work abroad.

Highly technical legal document translation services, such as: corporate contracts, U.S. Federal drug trafficking statutes, transcripts of U.S. Federal Court arraignments against drug defendants, statutes and regulations for elections in the Portuguese-speaking province of Macao, among other translations.

The job of a translator requires a high degree of ethical responsibility; the aim of a translator is to create an equivalence between both texts assuring that these convey the same message, taking into account aspects like genre, context, grammar of each languages, style and literary devices among others.

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