“Thanks for your valuable services during this event. I am now further ahead on my journey – you have helped me better understand an issue that speaks directly to my heart.” Regina Prospero, President of AFAG (Brazilian Rare Disease Association). Event: Genzyme Summit on Lysosomal Storage Disorders. Genzyme Headquarters, Boston, USA. May 2011

“Zilda is a wonderful professional, a very skilled interpreter and a person that will always go beyond the call of duty. She was part of an eight-day conference in which she assisted us in putting together the Portuguese <>English team. This was incredibly helpful since our UNDP-related conference was being held in New York city the same week that the UN General Assembly was taking place. She always arrived early and was very flexible in interpreting for small working groups that would breakout so often during the sessions. Everyone raved about the quality of her interpretation, as well as the PT team. In short, I would love to have her or someone like her in my local area”. Rafael Morel, President of Lighthouse Translations – San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Zilda did a remarkable job translating our client’s internal website. The project was extremely time and work intensive, and Zilda delivered with the upmost quality and professionalism. The content ranged from sports terms to legal jargon, and the quality of her work was phenomenal. She was punctual, reliable, knowledgeable and very receptive to our client’s needs. I would recommend Zilda to anyone who is looking for an exceptional translator/interpreter and will certainly be utilizing her services again in the future should the need arise.” Mary Shen, Account Manager for Just Marketing International – Zionsville, Indiana.

“Zilda is an excellent interpreter. Her work has been of an outstanding quality and she was extremely helpful during the whole conference.”- Paula Amatore, President of Lingcom – Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Zilda proved to be a great professional.  Our client was very satisfied with her interpretation and complimented her.  She owned the situation from beginning to end with the highest professionalism.” – Maurizio Toria, Project Manager for CLS Communication, Weehawken, NJ, USA.

“Zilda Buzack has worked with us for over ten years, and is a consummate professional. She has demonstrated the highest possible standards with respect to interpreting, professional ethics, and reliable service. I recommend her very highly, and without any reservation.” -Lauren Egbert, Supervisor of Interpreters. Essex County Superior Court of New Jersey, United States.

“Zilda is an excellent interpreter, and I recommend her wholeheartedly. She is very professional and has the capacity to work under stress in less-than-ideal situations. She is very knowledgeable and professional and it was a pleasure working with Zilda.” – Maurice Teffel, President of MTC Consulting International, New York, NY.

“A superior level of skill in the simultaneous and consecutive modes as well as sight translation.” – Rebecca Y. Natal, Court Training Coordinator. Hudson County Superior Court, New Jersey, USA.

“Marc and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on the Segurosspa/Icc Chemical case. We had a lot of compliments about you… In life we so often hear about the negative, that the positive is overlooked – not in this case! We are looking forward to working with you in the future!”– Patricia Goldberg, President of Tranzlations Inc., Roseland, New Jersey, USA.

“As her supervisor and coordinator of her schedule, I enjoy working with Ms. Buzack. She has proven to be very reliable and her strong interpersonal skills have enabled her to handle sensitive issues in a professional manner. I base this information not only on my own experience, but also on the many compliments we receive from the judges with regard to her performance as an interpreter.” – Inge M. Urbancic, Training Manager of Interpretation Services for Lionbridge International – Washington D.C.