Portuguese Interpreter & Translator

Zilda Buzack – experienced native Brazilian Portuguese Interpreter and Portuguese Translator since 1995, providing services worldwide and locally in the following areas of the United States, among others: New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando and all over Florida, Connecticut, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and all over Texas, New Orleans, Chicago, Arizona, California (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Oregon, Washington State, Boston, Missouri, Milwaukee and all over the Midwest, Puerto Rico, Punta Cana and all other countries in the Caribbean.

I also provide Portuguese Interpreting services locally in London, Paris, Italy and all other European countries, as well as anywhere in Brazil. I am also based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and have professional representatives in all of the above mentioned locations or anywhere else in the world. I can also select and provide the best Spanish Interpreters in any area due to my professional experience in this industry.

As a skilled Portuguese Simultaneous Interpreter, I provide services as a Portuguese Conference Interpreter in the New York and New Jersey areas, as well as in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sào Paulo) and the above mentioned locations for seminars, conferences, business meetings, depositions, court proceedings, international arbitrations, or any situation/event where communication from English into Portuguese and vice-versa is required. I also provide written Portuguese translations in a variety of subjects. For a complete listing of my areas of expertise as a Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter, please visit the experience page, where you will also find assignments where I worked as a Portuguese Consecutive Interpreter.

I have performed interpretations in a range of diverse settings, from medical, environmental, financial and political conferences to civil and criminal trials, depositions and international arbitrations. I have provided interpreting services for former Presidents of Brazil (Ms. Roussef and Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva), as well as Brazilian senators, Brazilian and US government officials and the CEO for the Brazilian Central Bank during meetings and speeches in New York City and Washington D.C.

I am also a Portuguese Court Interpreter certified at the Master level by the courts of New Jersey and New York, and a language proficiency evaluator of court interpreter candidates for the State of California, and a contractor interpreter for the US State Department. I often travel internationally to provide services, building a network of satisfied clients located everywhere from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and France to Washington D.C. and New York City.

I can also provide Simultaneous Conference Interpreters of other languages besides Portuguese, state of the art interpreting equipment, soundproof interpreting booth and sound engineer for conferences and events anywhere in the world.

Please contact me for further information or for a free translation or interpreting quote.