Worldwide Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter

As an English-to-Portuguese interpreter, I offer simultaneous and consecutive Portuguese interpreting services and interpreting equipment and booths as needed.


As the world becomes more digital and communication continues to advance and improve, your business may likely expand to work with Portuguese businesses or clients. Business conferences can be very structured or they can have an open-discussion atmosphere. As a Portuguese interpreter, I am equipped to handle any situation. As a Portuguese conference interpreter, I can ease communication as needed.

I provide simultaneous Portuguese interpreter services all over the United States and worldwide.

Additionally, I have provided interpreting services for two former Presidents of Brazil as well as several Brazilian and United States government officials. You may rest assured that you will have a seamless conference anywhere in the world. I can easily navigate through conferences on any subject and provide full simultaneous interpreting equipment and interpreting booths as needed.

Court Proceedings

I am a certified Court Interpreter by the administrative Offices of the Courts. I am also a contract interpreter for the United States Department of State.

For English <> Portuguese interpreter services, please contact me at any time at +1 (917) 686‑7071 (voice, text, and WhatsApp), or email [email protected].

Watch Zilda interpreting for Brazilian union leader Cida Trajano at WRFG Radio Station, Atlanta, beginning at 21 minutes